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Information for Parents

This section is here to help parents to understand what happens at For-Families and covers:

Every person in the placement is valued and receives positive care and support to develop
their parenting and life skills.

What to Expect

You will be involved from the very start - on your arrival you will be shown you room and the
house, there will be a planning meeting with you and your Social Worker, so everyone is clear
about what the worries are.

We provide you with:


  • A safe calm environment which gives you an opportunity to build on your existing knowledge and learn new skills.

  • Support in meeting your child's needs.

  • Support in understanding what people are worried about, to help you to make changes

  • Someone to offer practical guidance, help with forms, budgeting, cooking and general
    independence skills.

For Families Residential Parental Assessment

Typical Week

A Week at For Families

What to Bring

At For Families, we provide you with new bedding, welcome pack which contains basic toiletries
(shower gel, toothbrush and paste, laundry detergent, food pack for first 2 days, and baby
welcome pack (nappies, bath thermometer, changing mats, cotton wool, baby bath towel,

You will need to bring towels for you and clothing for both baby and you (We have spares if you
forget anything).

We provide cot, moses basket, steriliser, highchair, bedding, baby bouncer, play mats, toys and

Where You Will be Staying

Any questions?
Please call us on 01243 956385 or email us.

We are happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have, either by phone or video call prior to coming to placement.

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