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To make a referral, please contact us.

  • Who writes the reports?
    Weekly, midway, risk assessment and the final Parenting assessment are all written by qualified Social Workers.
  • How are children safeguarded?
    Our staff are present in communal areas at all times, including waking nights, audio monitors are in use at all times. We only use CCTV over the feeding chair and cot when risk is evidenced, as CCTV does not protect children.
  • What information/documentation do I need to provide?
    Referral form, any recent assessments, Letter of Instruction.
  • What meetings do I need to attend?
    The Placement Planning meeting will be held on the day of arrival, We have a review at the end of week 1, midpoint week 7 and at week 10 there is a transition/extension meeting, to ensure the smooth running of the placement. You are welcome to visit the placement, but we can facilitate virtual meetings if required.
  • What reports will I get and when?
    Day 1 – Placement planning Week 7 – Midpoint review Week 10 – Transition/Extension meeting Week 13– Final Parenting assessment You will be kept up to date of any worries we have
  • Placement planning meeting when it is held?
    At the same time as family are placed, to ensure we are all clear of the worries
  • How long is the placement for?
    13 weeks, we have found especially for Parents coming straight from hospital the first week is a bit of a blur, so in order to give our parents the best opportunity the first week is all about the practical, registering baby, applying for benefits, registering with GP & Health Visitor, food and essentials shopping. We also complete a Learning style assessment with Parents to best understand how they learn.
  • What does the placement look like?
    Here are some images and you can see more on our parents page.
  • Can we support with supervised contact?
    Yes 2 hours a week are included, and we can offer further support if required. We have a Garden room available should there be low concerns or there are a number of local places.

Please contact the placement for full details on 01243 956385 or email us.

Or email us for a Service Pack.


OFSTED - Overall experiences and progress of children and parents: good

Children benefit from an effective assessment process, which places their safety, welfare and development needs at the centre of all the work that the staff do.

Careful thinking goes into the progress and  experiences that children and parents have and, as a result, transitions into and away from the centre are very well managed. Staff are committed to ensuring that parents are involved in their transition plans. Staff learn from planned admissions and work towards ensuring

that the experience is positive for all families. Families experience a special meal to mark their moving on.

Read full Ofsted report here.

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